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About Me

Scott Peele PE is an accomplished Professional Engineer with broad range of technical skills and design concepts.  His technical skills include understanding and applying power quality technologies, power distributions systems, power flow, harmonics, industrial controls and process, generators, and power electronics.

He worked in Power Quality for industrial and large commercial facilities for a large utility. His main job was to collect and analyze power quality data to develop engineered solutions for customer’s critical loads or the complete facility operation. Scott works with adjustable speed drives from fractional HP to thousands of HPs, motors and motor protection systems, PLC control systems, computer systems, grounding issues and many other electrical components and systems.

Scott is a hands on engineer, accomplished in technical troubleshooting and resolving highly technical problems in entire electrical systems.  Scott has taught classes on grounding, motor protection, power quality, harmonics, and many other electrical topics for electricians, engineers, and in plant personnel over the past 38 plus years.

Most of Scott’s career has been problem solving of electrical systems and HVAC issues.  He brings this wealth of knowledge to the classroom with this experience in these fields.  Most of the topics are related to real world applications where issue were involved and solution employed.  Scott enjoys sharing and teaching his knowledge on a level for all to understand and benefit.


Licenses & Certifications:

1999 Professional Electrical Engineer NC  – 024520
1990 Electrical Contractor NC   – 15817-U
1986 HVAC Contractor (not active) NC  –  14856
1976 Commercial Refrigeration Contractor NC  –  1406

Scott Peele has approved continuing education courses for electricians from the NC State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors.

Scott started his career as a refrigeration and HVAC mechanic. He serviced refrigeration equipment for large supermarkets and installation large icemakers and refrigeration facilities for coastal fishery markets. Scott also monitored and maintained HVAC system up to 1500 ton chillers.  Worked with cryogenic refrigeration for university and medical schools and also rebuilt chillers and refrigeration equipment. He has taught school for HVAC technicians for 10 years.  He was a member of RSES(Refrigeration Service Engineer Society) where he is the Past Raleigh Chapter President 1988, Past NC State President 1990 and Past Regional President 1990 NC, VA, SC.

Scott has retired from utility work that was mainly in power system analyst. Scott has evaluated Power Quality (PQ) problems on electrical power system from 500kV to 120 V systems. Scott has consulted and worked on critical system from nuclear power reactor pumps, flight following radar system to hospital generators and 911 call centers. Performed numerous PQ investigations, equipment failure analysis and presented reports to customers on forensic finding, and  recommending mitigating equipment in industrial and commercial applications.  Scott has preformed numerous single point failure studies on critical facilities.  Scott currently consults with Safe Labs on electrical failure and equipment failures.  Scott has designed ride-through circuits for equipment and instructed classes for industrial plant engineers and personnel on PQ investigation and mitigation techniques.  Scott is very familiar with most brands of monitoring equipment for monitoring energy and power quality.  He  installed temporary PQ monitoring equipment for the evaluation of consumer issues in facilities.  He performed harmonic studies for industrial plant facilities and evaluating internal harmonic problems.  He has been involved with many IEEE committees and work groups. Scott is a past member of IEEE and was the chairperson of 1159.3 on Recommended Practice for the Transfer of Power Quality Data. He is also worked in various working groups in power quality in IEEE 1159 Monitoring Electric Power Quality , IEEE 519 Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electrical Power Systems  IEEE 1453 Recommended Practice for Measurement and Limits of Voltage Flicker on AC Power Systems, the  SCC 22 Coordinating Committee for Power Quality and many others.  Scott has work on numerous projects, SMES (Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage device) project, motor ride-through project, feeder monitoring project and other project involved with Power Quality.   He has author many papers in power quality on utility feeder monitoring, harmonics, and voltage sag ride-through projects, motors, voltage deviations and many others. Scott has worked to develop enhancements in data evaluation of faults and fault current on distribution system for fault location.  Scott is currently retired from the utility.


1982–1985 Wake Technical College  Raleigh, NC || A.S., Computer Engineering
1979–1980 Pitt Community College Greenville, NC || A.S., Electronic Engineering
1975–1976 Lenoir Community College Kinston, NC || Diploma, HVAC & Refrigeration