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Power Systems, Power Flow, and Power Monitoring


Course Description

We will examine single and three phase systems.  We will define kW, kwh, kVAR, Power Factor, VA and other terms.  In addition we will discuss transformer configuration delta, wye, highleg and voltages outputs.  We will show how to properly measure power flow and all of the components properly. Power Quality measurements term and definitions surge, sags, swell, interruption, harmonics etc. will be taught.  We will discuss some general mitigation techniques for power events by understanding the use of line reactor, isolation transformers, UPS, Generators and many other devices.


Course Material on CD

Presentation in Power Point
Spreadsheet showing calculations for watts, VAR, power factor using volts and amps and phase angle for single and three phase systems.


Course Outline

  • Definitions
    • Volts, Amps, kW, kwh, VA, VAR
  • Single Phase, Three Phase Systems
  • Power
    • Apparent Power vs. True Power
    • Power Factor
    • Reactance
  • Measurements Terms and Definitions
    • Surge, Sag, Swell, Momentary, Harmonics etc.
  • Power Factor Correction Techniques
    • Possible Problems with Correcting Power Factor
  • Transformer Configurations,  Delta, Wye, High Leg
    • Connection for Power Measurement on Different System
  • Power Quality Mitigation Technique
    • Lightning Protection  TVSS or SPD protection
    • Line Reactors and Application
    • Constant Voltage Transformers, Isolation Transformers
    • UPS Basics
      • UPS Applications & Specifications
    • Generator Sizing – Serve a UPS
  • Review and Questions

Course Objectives

This course should teach qualified individual power flows in single and three phase systems.  Individual will understand the concept and calculation of power factor, apparent power and true power.  Participants will be exposed to the power quality terms and definition such as voltage sag, swell, and outage, plus transients, and steady state measurements in power quality. Qualified individual will understand transformer configurations and voltages, such as where the high leg is derived from, grounding banks and proper connection for power measurements. Attendees will be shown power quality mitigation device uses such as SPD (Surge Protection Device) line reactors, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Constant voltage transformers, etc. and each device function in the electrical system.


Credit Hours

4 Hours