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Course Description

We will define and understand harmonics.  Where do they exist and how do they originate.  What type loads produce what type of harmonics?  Participants will understand the difference between voltage harmonics and current harmonics.  How, what and where to properly measure harmonic voltages or currents?  The participants will understand the defined terms like THD (total harmonic distortion), PCC (point of common coupling) tripling harmonics, even and odd, other terms used.  We will examine some of the affects of harmonics in power systems.  We will review some general mitigation techniques use on harmonics.


Course Material CD

Presentation in Power Point
Spreadsheet for calculating K Factor on Transformers
Spreadsheet for calculating harmonic resonance condition
with power factor correction capacitor and transformers


Course Outline

  • What are Harmonics
    • Definitions
    • Orders
  • Where do Harmonics Originate
    • Loads
    • Single Phase vs Three Phase
  • Voltage vs. Current Harmonics
    • What to Measure
  • THD
  • TDD
    • How to Measure
    • Where to Measure
  • Point of Common Coupling
  • How can Harmonics affect a Facility
    • Transformers heating
    • UPS Alarms
    • Mis Operation
    • Parallel and Series Resonance
  • Case Studies
  • General Mitigation Techniques 


Course Objectives

This course should help qualified individuals understand harmonics in electrical systems.  Understanding the origin of harmonics and when do harmonics cause electrical system problems?  Qualified individuals will understand what where and how to measure harmonics in electrical systems. Qualified individuals should understanding when harmonics may be causing an issue in a facility, plus some general mitigation techniques used for the reduction of harmonics.


Credit Hours

4 Hours