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Power Quality for Electrical Contractors


Course Description

 This course will review Power Quality based on NFPA 70 B chapter 10, Power Quality, the book Electrical Power System Quality and Power Quality Analysis.  The course will provide and introduction to important power quality problems and provide solution to these events.  We will review the electrical characteristics and phenomena causing disturbances to the electrical system.  A wide variety of sensitive electronic equipment that is present in most existing and new buildings. Electrical contractor need to ensure the proper functions of equipment in the building owner and users are showing a more concern for their buildings’ power quality.  We will review principles of power quality events and understanding of each event.  How these events can affect the operation of equipment.  Provide an overview of power quality monitoring and evaluation of the monitored results.  Review recommended solutions for solving power quality problem.


Course Material on CD 

Presentation in Power Point


Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Electrical Characteristics and Phenomena
  • General Power Quality
    • Terms
      • Sags, Swells, Interruptions, Transients
    • Review Standards
    • NFPA 70 B Chapter 10
    • Voltage regulation and voltage balance
    • What causes Power Quality events
  • Mitigation Equipment and Techniques
    • System operation
    • UPS – Generators
    • TVSS
    • Line Reactors
    • Isolation Transformer
    • CVT’s
  • Grounding
    • Purpose for Grounding
      • Grounding for Fault Protection
      • Lightning Protection
      • Ground Reference or Signal Reference
    • Types of Grounding Systems
    • Grounding Electrode
    • Bonding
    • SPD Protection (TVSS)
    • Stray Voltage
    • Equipotential Plane
  • Single Phasing
    • Causes – Primary vs. Secondary
    • Protection
  • Harmonics
    • General Understanding
    • Letters and Documents
  • Flicker
    • General Understanding
    • PST and PLT indexes
  • Equipment
    • Motors – Relays
    • ASD
    • Computers, and Computer based Equipment (PLCs, Servers, etc.)
    • Capacitor (energy savings)
      • Voltage Rise and Resonance

Course Objectives

This course should help qualified individual understand Power Quality and to offer a recommended solution for power quality problems.  The course will provide the knowledge of power quality terms, definitions and characterization. Understanding the types of power quality events and monitoring equipment need to detect these events.  Mitigation equipment for the power quality events and their applications in the electrical circuit.


Credit Hours

8 Hours